Day 289, Friday the 13 th (first one for 2012)..

Today was a Friday the 13 th in 2012.  In 2012, there are 3 Friday the 13 ths. Even more haunting is that they’re 13 weeks apart.  Is that crazy or what?  I am not superstitious, but each Friday the 13 th needs to be respected. Back on July 13 (a Friday) 1984 I put my hand through a window playing frisbee. I severed five tendons, the nerve and  an artery. I am lucky to be alive.  Post surgery, I had another surgery to re-repair the nerve damage. Here we are nearly 28 years later on a Friday the 13 th and I am not worried. I am careful, of that you can be assured.

Today was no big deal (knock on wood). I worked from home. I did my own stuff and helped out where I felt like helping out. It was a boring day. My DW was off all day. We enjoyed having breakfast, lunch and going out for dinner together. She has another three-day weekend next week. We are trying to figure out where we might go away for the weekend.

DS1 delivered pizzas today. DS2 and DS3 were quiet. I let them know that Monday the temperature high forecast for Scranton is 87 degrees. Wow!  Hopefully we will get some of that warmth. Being so close to the cold ocean in the spring always moderates the temperatures.

Short blog tonight. The picture of the day is from back in the summer. We went to watch professional lacrosse in Annapolis. Enjoy!


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  1. future
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 12:37:23

    P i remember arm through glass was scarey stuff, glad you survived


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