Day 287, Playing with a new app..

I am not usually the first person to find an app for my phone. If I have found a new app, that must mean that the app has gone mainstream. I read about Instagram on the web yesterday. The company started up a few years ago and now Facebook is buying them for 1 billion dollars (US). That is staggering. I had seen a few pictures posted through Instagram on twitter. I was unsure about how I felt about the finished product. DS2 downloaded the app and sent me a picture that he manipulated using the app. The finished product was cool. I figured that I better download the app and get caught up before they park me out back with the other dinosaurs.  I will post a few pictures that I played with at the bottom of this blog.

Work for me was as busy as (actually busier) I expected it to be.  I had the entire day planned, a no lunch and get done by 5 pm if you are lucky plan. Then I walked in and found messages from the overnight and the phone kept ringing. I was able to compress the time needed to get the work done by ignoring the phone calls.  I was able to get out for lunch.  I walked two miles today. My goal was to walk a mile, like yesterday. I was jazzed from work and I missed the trail marker signs until I noticed that I had walked a mile. I headed back to the car being careful with my pace. At the end of the walk, my legs continued to feel good. That made me happy.

My DW would not have had work today except for she is on a committee at work. They meet twice a month on Wednesday’s for four hours. She went to yoga tonight after dinner.  She was home this morning to help DS2 get himself packed and out. He can certainly do this himself, but having a second pair of eyes making sure you have everything always helps. He  tweeted that he arrived back at school early in the afternoon.  I guess the drive was ok, he did not say otherwise. DS3 is having fun being back at school.  DS1 worked the lunch shift delivering pizzas today. He went to the gym and is out with some friends this evening. He has class tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s pictures are as advertised. The captions should help. They are neat.   Enjoy!




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