Day 286, Back out in the sunshine..

I was back in the office for the first time since last Wednesday. I worked from home Thursday and Friday.  If you read yesterday’s blog you will know that I was off yesterday to drive the youngest back to school. I went out at lunch time and went for my first walk in three weeks. About three weeks ago I was walking three miles a day for three days a week at lunch time and my left leg developed quite painful shin splints. Benign neglect and good fortune and my leg is feeling better today. I only walked one mile since the consensus was that I overdid the distance the first time.   Tomorrow I probably won’t get out of the office at all.

My 2000 Chrysler mini van turned 240,000 miles last night coming home from lacrosse. It still (knock on wood) continues to get the job done. I am hoping to keep it running through the end of the year.  My DW went to a continuing education seminar in Cherry Hill today.  She enjoyed the lecture and fulfilled some of her required continuing education requirements. Next week she has two days of ACLS training and re-certification to go through. Since her hospital merged with a larger group of hospitals, the process has become more “corporate”. Hopefully the process won’t be too painful.

Children.. DS1 worked today delivering pizzas. He also went to the gym in the morning. Not our morning, like am. His morning, like early pm. DS2 has struggled this year with his guitar playing. The university was supposed to provide guitar lessons to the Sophomore music therapy students and canceled the class due to under enrollment. Due to his lack of guitar skills, the three eye surgeries, and other reasons, the chair of his department has pushed him out of the music therapy program. He is in the process of declaring a General Psychology major with a music minor. His plan is to continue working on his guitar, piano and voice skills and get his Masters degree in Music Therapy.  It is just a fork in the road, he is committed to being a music therapist, but his spot at Marywood in the program is gone.  DS3, quiet so far today. I’m sure 6:30 am pt was tough after he slept in  during Easter break.

Tonight’s picture is of my DW and DS1. The file has a date of December 2007. I’m sure that is not accurate. The background looks like the pavilion in front of the stands at Robert Morris near Pittsburgh, Pa.


DW and DS1