Day 285, Will work for rum..

The homeless on the side of the road will work for food. Jimmy Buffett will play (work) for gumbo. It would appear (there never was any doubt in my mind) that the Lime Guy will work for rum. I delivered the reloaded Dell XPS 400 to my brother the weatherman’s house today while I was driving DS3 back to school. There on the porch was a check to pay for the new hard drive and a bottle of El Dorado 15-year-old rum. I smiled, you can be assured of that. I would have opened the bottle for a quick sniff but I was afraid of having an “open container” in the car with 300 more miles to drive.  A sniff is when you smell the rum, not sip the rum.

The drive was pretty easy for the most part. We were fortunate that we left early because Penn DOT had a roving work crew working on Route 80 west and they caused a 9 plus mile backup by closing one of the two lanes.  I don’t know what the traffic is like on the average Monday in April. I can tell you that the volume had to be more since the University of Scranton opened the dorms at noontime for classes tomorrow. That means all 4000 students that went home returned today. Not all 4000 came up Route 80. but enough of them did to make the Penn DOT work crew’s choice of days/locations a poor choice. Wouldn’t it be fun if they somehow gave some thought to the day/location of their roving work crews. A thought other than what is convenient to them.

I drove to lacrosse tonight completing the Easter Monday 500. Yes, I drove 500 miles today. 200 each way to Scranton and 50 each way to lacrosse. I’m done driving for today.  Lacrosse went ok. I had two shots and both of them missed the goal. I missed a few passes and had a lot of fun.  We had some new players (more old guys) that worked well into the group. I hope the continue to come out and play.

Children, DS1 went to class, had another job interview and delivered pizzas tonight. DS2 enjoyed the next to last day of Easter break today. He travels back to Scranton on Wednesday. DS3 and I had lunch at The Original Coney Island Lunch on Cedar St in Scranton. We also visited my parents and got coffee/hot chocolate at Northern Lights Espresso Bar.  I spent a grand total of 75 minutes in Scranton today.  Not a minute was wasted. 

My DW worked a full day. She and DS2 went to yoga tonight. She said this was the first week that the room was not packed. She enjoyed the class. Tonight’s picture is from Facebook. In this picture DS3 is wearing a cheap plastic fedora and cheap plastic sunglasses. Oh, yes they are pink!  Enjoy!