Day 284, Happy Easter..

Today was Easter Sunday, 2012.  Each Easter we travel 40 minutes north to visit with my DW’s mom and stepfather.  This visit is very similar to Thanksgiving except that we have ham instead of turkey. My DW’s mom make manicotti from scratch. She makes the shells from flour and whatever, fries them up, stuffs the cheese and bakes them for us to enjoy. They are absolutely the best. She has been making them for the last 50 years (or more) I would guess.  Then we have the ham course and finally dessert. We take a break between courses and visit with them and my sister-in-law and her family.  

The weather was very nice here today. In the upper 60’s. Not a record for this date but I can remember as a child having snow on Easter one year. I like the warm sunshine better (duh!). We brought our lacrosse sticks up with us and threw the ball around in the street in front of her house. We fortunately did not break any windows. My SIL has two boys. The youngest is in 8 th grade and plays lacrosse. It was fun to watch him and DS1 play catch. I played catch with DS3. 

We watched some of the Mets game between the pasta and the meat courses. Then we switched to watching the Masters. It is funny to sit with my children (who have no interest in golf) and watch golf on tv. I got a chuckle out of it. Tonight I helped DS3 write the conclusion to a paper that he is writing. He spent the last 30 hours trying to write the conclusion. I hope it works. He has to do some reading for class on Tuesday and pack his stuff up since I am driving him to school in the morning. 

Today was a nice, family oriented day. It was nice to have all the children home for Easter. And on another positive note, I really fixed my laptop today. Thank god for Google. In the old days finding the solution to a problem with your computer required access to somebody that knows a lot about computers. I consider myself to be a member of that group, but nobody knows everything. I made a change to a hardware configuration setting and rebooted twice and now the computer flies like it did when we first got it. I am very happy. And, I learned something new today.

Tonight’s picture is of the children at Easter dinner. The complained about taking pictures, but I probably shot 15 pictures during the time I was allotted to shoot one. I wish I had my camera instead of my phone. The camera takes better pictures. Enjoy!