Day 283, Enjoyed some sunshine..

We had nice weather here in New Jersey again today. It was breezy, maybe even windy, but sunny and mid 60’s for a temperature.  I got the three children to help outside today. The reality is that I got the youngest to help me, my DW had the other two go outside and help. We got all the big chunks out of the dirt that once was our lawn. The next step is to put down fertilizer and seed. Water until done.

We also got the grass cut on the side of the house.  I can’t belive this was necessary the first week of April. We put the top on the gazebo on the back deck. I purchased a new top since the old one had a huge tear in it from last year. I think we got four or five years out of the first top.  If I was more careful taking the top off in the fall we might have gotten another season out of it.  My DW pulled some more weeds (with her long sleeves and gloves) and put down a few of the 40 bags of mulch that are sitting in the driveway.

DS1 is working tonight. We was a little under the weather this morning when he was dropped off after his night in Atlantic City with his friends. He needed a nap this afternoon so he could go to work. What happens in Atlantic City comes home around noon time..  DS2 and I went to the driving range this afternoon. We both are awful golfers. It was fun to whack some balls in the sunshine. DS3 went for a haircut this morning. He keeps his hair super short for the ROTC program at college. He said “I’m going out” this morning after breakfast. “Where are you going?” I asked. “Umm, to get a haircut” he says as he rubs the stubble on his head.  He is happy, that is all that counts.

For breakfast this morning DS2 had a duck egg omelet. He enjoyed it.  The duck eggs also got added to brownies today. My DW even used them in the baked ziti she made for dinner. There are only two eggs left. I think DS2 may have them for breakfast tomorrow.  My DW made colored Easter eggs with the boys today. I figured that would be a lost art now that they are older. I guess they are not too old just yet.

Tonight’s picture comes from our trip to the driving range. Here is DS2 mid-swing. Enjoy!