Day 282, One step forward, two steps back – repeat..

I thought last night we had turned the corner on computers misbehaving in my house. My laptop took the two steps backwards this morning after working fine last night and earlier this morning.  Tonight I am using DS3’s college laptop while I run various diagnostic and repair programs on my laptop. Today was (is) Good Friday in New Jersey. Our company treats the day as a flaoter, meaning you can take the day off or you can work it and take the holiday some other day during the year. I worked from home again. I was surprisingly busy helping out the support person assigned to emergency support. What was the funniest (maybe not funny, just “what were they thinking”) moments of the day were the customers who after hearing the message that the office was closed today, went ahead and left messages asking for help, ASAP. Duh, the office is closed. They had to skip past the part of the message that says “if this is an emergency, dial..”

My DW worked today as well.  They had a short day so she was home by 2 pm.  DS1 went to Atlantic City with some friends to help celebrate one of his group of friends birthday. DS2 spent the day indoors. He did got out and get a hair cut today. DS3 slept over at his friend’s house last night. He appears to be sleeping at home tonight. For dinner we had fish and chips. Alaskan cod and shrimp fried in a beer batter with french fries on the side. I was happy with how the meal turned out.

My DW worked in the flower beds some today as well. She needs to be careful to wear long sleeves and gloves so that she does not get poison ivy on her arms. And, once she has poison ivy, it rarely stays on her arms. I worked a little on the front lawn where I ran the tiller through two weeks ago. I hope to get seed and fertilizer down tomorrow.  The lettuce in the garden is looking good so far. The brussel sprouts are not looking as good. Maybe they are not as hardy as the lettuce plants. It has been warm during the day and cold at night.

Tonight’s picture comes from August 22, 2005. DS1 is riding a wave in the ocean near our home. Enjoy!