Day 281, Back on my laptop, again..

I am back to working on my laptop again tonight. Part of its rehabilitation was running a check disk on a reboot.  This took 18 hours to complete. Can you imagine paying someone for those 18 hours of the computer just doing its thing? I did not have any interaction during that 18 hours, but if I was doing this for a client, it would not have been worth the cost of my time. Fortunately the computer is working again and no, I can’t type any better as a result.

In the plus column for computers today, also, goes the kids computer owned by my brother the weatherman. He had a what I guess was a moment of frustration and pulled the power cord on his computer a few weeks ago. After that he got the famous blue screen of death. I was able to get the computer up and running today, but many of the Windows files were corrupted and I figured a fresh install on a new hard drive would make more sense than spending 50 or more hours trying to get the current hard drive rehabilitated. I got a new hard drive from Best Buy and loaded Windows XP.

I reattached the old hard drive and loaded the drivers for the new hard drive off the old one. This worked pretty well. Then I did a few hours of Windows updates and loaded the usual basic programs. Tomorrow I just have to put the new hard drive in the case and close it up. Then back to my brother next week.  I enjoy solving these problems but it can be very frustrated when I can’t.

Children, DS1 had class today and then he went for an interview with a company that owns a tree farm and plant nursery in Williamstown.  DS2 had an eye doctor visit since he was almost out of contacts and his eyes had been reshaped during surgery last year. He should (hopefully) be all set. DS3 went to the dentist today. He also stopped by the bark and biscuit to let them know that he was interested in working there again this summer. They were happy to see him and said to check in again in May. My DW worked a full day. I worked from home and kept myself busy.

Tonight’s picture is of  DS1 in August 2004 when and his best friend went blue fishing on the Miss Barnegat Light with me. In this picture he is holding one of the bluefish he caught. Check out the hair.  Enjoy!


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