Day 280, I need some math help..

Usually I can figure out the relationship between numbers, cause and effect, cost vs. benefit. Usually.  My youngest sister is getting married and I am trying to find an economical way to get to Houston for Memorial Day weekend. Having three kids in college has forced me to be creative, more creative, in many areas. I looked on one of my credit cards where I have been accumulating miles for the past few years. I have 38,000 miles or so. One possible fight combination would cost 32,000 miles. Easy as pie.

Another fight combination is 40,000 miles. I can buy the miles to go from 38,000 to 40,000 for 70.00 dollars (US). While I had the miles buying chart open, I figured I would look and see what 40,000 mile would cost to purchase. They would cost you 1400.00. Wow, I thought, that must be an expensive flight. I looked on and saw the flight costs 377.00, round trip. So, If I bought the miles, the flight would cost 1400.00! I am struggling with the relationship between the value of the 38,000 mile I has and the 377.00 flight. Maybe I could sell the miles for half price to someone and still have money left over after buying the ticket.  

I did not buy the ticket, I am still looking for the best value. Work for the last two days has been odd. My work takes a backseat during weeks that lead up to a holiday. Nobody in their right mind would want to change software before a holiday unless what they had was a real problem. I have been swimming in the support pool all week. Some interesting things, some I am glad I avoided. My DW has worked an odd week as well. She worked a few hours yesterday at time and a half since she was on call during the day and the unit was closed. Today her day started at 10:30 am instead of 7:30 am.

The two Scranton boys are home. They made it home for dinner tonight. DS1 is delivering pizzas. I am working on one of the other computers in the house since I am still working on getting my laptop back to perfect health. It is definitely a work in progress.

This picture I found on the computer that I am using tonight. Enjoy!



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