Day 278, An evening of lacrosse makes the world go round..

What does that mean?  Somebody in the back row asked that question. I will explain the meaning of life (today’s version – amending at will is to be expected and encouraged).  Yesterday, as you may remember, my DW and I went to Scranton to see our children. DS2 had a concert, DS3 was getting back from spending the weekend in NJ about 30 minutes from home in the woods with the ROTC.  On the ride I up I enjoyed a travel mug of the new coffee I got from Orleans Coffee Exchange.  When we got home at 10:30  pm last night I forgot to bring the empty cup into the house. My DW went to work early today, as did my travel mug.  Score one for the disruption of the morning routine.

I found a smaller, less capable travel mug, made my coffee and headed to the bagel store since we were gone all day yesterday and did not have time to make muffins for breakfast. I got my bagel and tried to exit the parking lot onto Route 72 eastbound.  NJDOT is in the middle of some kind of road work on Route 72 so various lanes were closed, there were cones and cars everywhere. When I had a grasp of the pattern I started to ease out of the parking lot looking to go to work without any excitement. The lane closest to me had a red light so cars were starting to back up at the light. I eased into this lane of stopped cars to looked to my right to find a break to make the left turn. A school bus driver stopped and waved me in. As I turned my head to the left there was a silver car with a women driving leaning on the horn. I was in her way to sit at the stop light ten feet further down the road.  Breathe..

So, off I go east on Route 72. I went under the GSP and took the northbound ramp. As I got onto the GSP I was starting to accelerate when I came to the on ramp from Rouse 72 east. There was a 20 something in a white car with white sunglasses, arms locked, foot to the floor, blasting onto the GSP (not looking), right where I was. I was able to avoid this pitfall as well. I was looking for a nice quiet drive to work and I stumbled into the full moon driving effect a few days early. Maybe everybody is still pissed that they did not win the lottery Friday night. Hey, I won 2 dollars. I turned 20 dollars into 2 dollars. Warren Buffett has no worries about me over taking his empire.

The rest of the day (work and such) followed the pattern of the am commute. The drive home wasn’t bad but the music on Radio Margarittaville was odd as were the other channels I usually listen to. I turned the radio off and listened to noises that my old van makes.  Dinner for two was pork chops and applesauce.  My DW went to yoga, I went to lacrosse. My play tonight was about average. I caught a few, missed a few. I had an assist. The shin splints on my left leg are bothering me again, but not as bad as last week.  I hope I am on the road to recovery. A good night of lacrosse can out weigh a crazy day in the real world. That is the meaning of life. 

Here is a picture that I really like. I used this one already, but, I wish I had taken this picture. I will enjoy!



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