Day 277, April Fools Day 2012..

Today is Sunday, April 1, 2012. Commonly known as April Fools Day here in the United States. I’m not really sure if this “day” transcends cultures or countries.  To tell the truth, it really is not one of my favorite days.  While I have a sense of humor (MOVIE QUOTE “I have a hell of a sense of humor, don’t I Sargent?” What movie?…) I have been part of a few pranks that went wrong. Enough so that pranks are not part of my repertoire.  Last year the Marywood University website was transformed into a website controlled by the grey squirrels that live on campus. It was cute and the university got nationwide media coverage for their creativity.

Today DS2 had a concert at Marywood at 4 pm. We drove up to Scranton for Sunday mass which starts at 10:30 am. Today is also Palm Sunday in the Roman Catholic church. Mass was a little longer than usual. DS2 played his trumpet during mass. One of the pictures below is of the choir practicing before mass. After mass we went to lunch at the Buck Town Diner. The food was good, hot and reasonably priced. After we ate we went back to school to talk about classes and next years plans.  Another of the pictures below is looking out over the Nazareth Center towards the hills that surround Scranton. If you look none to closely you will see the grey skies. Perfect Scranton, spring time weather.  In another picture below DS2 was making faces at us so I took a picture (“it lasts longer”, another movie quote).

We went to the concert and enjoyed the music. The conductor explained the music about to be played and attempted to give each piece some historical reference. After the concert we headed down to the University of Scranton to see DS3 who had returned from the Pine Barrens and an outdoor weekend at Fort Dix with the ROTC. He really enjoyed his weekend. I’m starting to get the idea that this being in the army thing is for him. While they slept inside due to the rainy weather, they spent the entire weekend outside. They ate MRE’s for most meals. They were served a hot meal Saturday night. They worked on land navigation, squad movements, the grenade course (dummy grenades) and other challenges. We hope to get more information later this week when he comes home for Easter break.

DW and I? We spent some time together in the car. The ride up was nice and easy. The ride home was tough. It was dark, raining, misty, and lots of clueless people that don’t usually drive in the dark (or maybe the light). We got home without any incidents.  I’m off to bed.  Enjoy the pictures.