Day 276, I hear the rumbling of Summer..

This Spring has been about four to six weeks early here in New Jersey this year.  We all know how nice it’s been. But, in today’s visit to COSTCO I think even they are ahead of the curve. In the picture below, prominently displayed, are air conditioners. Really  in March! I guess next month the will have the Halloween stuff out. We went for really nothing and spent 75 dollars. We did get to eat a few interesting snacks. Most of the items we bought we would have had to purchase at the Shop Rite, so the expense was just moved from one store to another.  We also received our coffee for the month from Orleans Coffee Exchange today. The FedEx truck delivered at 4 pm on a Saturday. And, we paid for regular delivery rates! Not bad.

Today’s weather was crappy. Grey and rainy, good Scranton weather. We (DW and I) did some household stuff, watched Virgina beat Maryland in lacrosse on ESPNU. We now have the U in HD in our area. It has made watching the games much more enjoyable. Lunch was fried bologna. Dinner was cheeseburgers and breakfast potatoes. I bought french fries from the store but got the wrong kind. My DW is trying very hard to go as gluten-free as possible and these fries had a coating that included wheat flour. Oh well, I will have to cook them when the kids are home.

Today I started on another Easter tradition from when I was growing up. My mother used to make Farmers Cheese. The recipe is titled Lithuanian Cheese. It basically is cottage cheese and sour cream that is mixed, de-liquified and pressed to make a soft cheese. I have taken many pictures of the process and will probably devote most of one night this week to the making and the finished product. The cheese can be eaten by itself, on a cracker or small piece of bread. We also would have room temperature (soft) butter to put on the cheese if we wanted. Not exactly a heart healthy snack considering the that the recipe calls for the “liberal salting” of the exterior when the cheese is done being pressed. More on this later in the week. 

DS1 had the day off, he is working this evening. He won’t know until next week about the possible job. DS2 was kinda quiet today. We will see him and have (hopefully) some time to catch up tomorrow. DS3 is at Fort Dix with the ROTC for the weekend. I imagine tonight he is cold and damp from being outdoors all day. Hopefully they are sleeping indoors tonight.

Tonight’s pictures are from our trip to COSTCO and of the coffee I got for my morning latte. It is USDA Organic and Fair Trade. Have I turned over a leaf or what?  This variety is a new one for me. We made espresso before dinner to test it out. It was real good.  Enjoy!