Day 275, Mixed bag of a day..

Pretty fair assessment of my day. Not a bad thing, just kind of ok. We will start with me today. I worked from home. Fortunately I was busy doing my own work and only minor problem. That problem is related to yesterday’s problem and now will be a Dilbert meeting on Monday, problem. Everybody is excited, nobody has the stones to stand up and deliver.  At lunch time I went to McD’s for fish and chips. There will be a picture at the bottom. Calling my lunch fish and chips is a stretch.  After lunch I went to Home Depot where they have black mulch on sale. The regular price is 3.74 a bag, this weekend they are 1.74 a bag )plus tax of course). I made two trips and now have 40 bags in the driveway waiting for a friend. There is a motivational picture at the bottom of this. The motivation is for my children to stay in school and not do landscaping with their father.

My DW had a decent day. This must be nurse’s month since a doctor and a drug company bought them lunch this week. Today was the drug companies turn. She said the food was decent. Small sandwiches and salad. Go figure, no burgers, fries or wings. You figure it out. It seems pretty obvious to me.  She and I went to Calloway’s for dinner tonight. We had coupons that cost 10 dollars and paid 20 dollars towards your bill. Not a bad deal. We would have gone there anyway. The boat that we sailed on in the fall has another Groupon offer for this year. We will probably avail ourselves to this again. We really enjoyed our three-hour cruise to no where.

DS1 spent the night at his (she is not my girlfriend)s house last night. He was back home at 8:30 am. He worked all day delivering pizzas. Tonight he took a dip in the hot tub. A funny thing is that he was at the same restaurant as we were but about two hours later than us. He said the band tonight was too loud. He must be getting old.

DS2 traded a few texts with me today. Nothing of much importance today. He has a concert Sunday afternoon and his first recital Monday night. He will do just fine. He is in the process of figuring out classes for next year. I still have not asked about roommates. Maybe I will remember on  Sunday to ask him.

DS3 posted a picture on Facebook today. The Scranton University Office Parents relations also posted about the pictures. Here is their link Here is the link to DS3’s picture.  I think I am going to get a printed copy of this. I like this picture.  Other than this he has gone radio silent since he is on base at Fort Dix for the ROTC Spring Field Training Excercise.   Currently the temperature is 42 degrees. I hope they are not sleeping outside tonight. This group does not necessarily belive in creature comforts (like sleeping bags, tents and pillows).  I hope to see some pictures and get some stories from him Sunday night.

Tonight’s pictures are as advertised.  Enjoy!