Day 274, A simpler time..

I had a stressful day at work. How I hate to even say that. The worst part of my day was eating at my desk and working at the same time while being pressured to drop what I was in the middle of and take care of somebody elses problem. Well, I finished my work first, then I solved their problem. It was sunny and reasonably warm for the end of March and I was stuck in the office all day. Tomorrow I am working from home so they will have to try a little bit harder..

Tonight I am going to post some pictures from 2003. It was a simpler time in all of our lives.  The captions will explain what the pictures are of. The pictrues from Florida are from when we rented a  house on Pine Island (Gulf Coast, west of Ft Myers) for two weeks around Easter time. I hope you enjoy the glimpse to a simpler time. Boys, enjoy!