Day 273, Fresh fruit tonight..

Tonight’s snack has nothing to do with eggs. We purchased a Honey Dew melon at the Shop Rite on Sunday and it has sat on the counter for three days ripening. I smelled it after dinner tonight and it smelled like a .. (not a duck egg), like a melon! Yahooo, time to eat. I cut the melon into irregular cubes and placed it in a container on the kitchen table for all to share.  A nice and healthy snack. The only problem with that? My DW and I are the only two people home tonight.

DS1 is working delivering pizza. Today he had a second job interview. He said the interview went well. The one possible problem is that the manager is looking for someone with experience. DS1 has none in the industry. He pointed out to the manager that he does not have any bad habits or baggage from working in the industry. We will see what happens.  He was pretty excited after the interview. I hope it works out for him.

DS2 got his room assignment for next year. He will have a room in the same building, just closer to the front door. He was excited about this. I asked why would being closer to the front door be exciting? He said that when you move in (and I guess out) that you are closer to the door. Ok, I said.  I forgot to ask about a roommate for next year. I will ask him on Sunday. I found out today that he has a concert Sunday afternoon at 4 pm. It would appear that I will be in Scranton on Sunday. I said to my DW that we will need to start paying more attention to the concert schedule now that concert season is approaching.

DS3 said that this weekend is his Spring FTX (Field Training Excercise). This will be held at Fort Dix which is in New Jersey and about 30 minute west of our house. He will be quite busy. He has a paper to finish. And he is working hard this week to get it done before he goes away. He will be too tired to work on the paper when her returns Sunday night. He was very tired in the Fall when he returned from that FTX.

Me, I worked, visited my friend at lunch. She fell while out walking three weeks ago. She broke her right wrist, left elbow and her nose. She skinned both knees. She had pins and stuff done last week to put her back together. She will find out tomorrow how long and what will need to be done  from here. She was in surprisingly good spirits despite the uphill journey into the wind ahead of her.

My DW worked most of the day. She sent a care package to Scranton for DS2.  This was before we found out that we would be there this Sunday. Oh well.  Dinner tonight was Salsa Chicken. Basically baked chicken covered in salsa. We also had vegetables and a salad.

Tonight’s picture is of the melon that I cut up for snack.  Enjoy!


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