Day 272, Made fudge brownies..

Duck egg brownies to be precise. My brother and sister-in-law shared some more information about duck eggs. They wrote about the benefits of duck eggs and how they are prized in the baking world.  So tonight we made fudge brownies using those eggs. The brownies taste like… umm, brownies.  What would you expect them to taste like?  I’m still weirded out by them, but I guess disguised in baked goods they are all the same.  Thank you for helping me spread my horizons.

Work was slow. I have a project scheduled for the morning so that should give my day some structure. At lunch time I am going to visit with a co-worker who fell at her home is will be out for a few months recuperating. I don’t have many details about her fall. I guess I will have a better understanding tomorrow afternoon. We are going to the Windmill for two for one hot dogs!  My favorite. She will get to ride in my van which has 239,000 ish miles on it. The car is getting a little rough (ok, a lot rough), but it still starts and stops. When you have three kids in college at the same time, something has to give.

My DW had a busy day. She was on the early shift so she got home at a decent hour. DS1 worked part of the day and then went to the gym. DS2 continues to shop for guitars. He sent me this possible choice today (in red). He posted something on Facebook about playing a song on the recorder today. He enjoyed the experience. By the time he graduates he will have experienced playing quite the variety of musical instruments.  DS3 has a paper due soon and seems to be procrastinating. Dude, just get it done!  There you go, my parenting advice for the night.  My brother the weather man said that my shin splints were probably either from too much to soon or the wrong/bad pair of shoes. I would agree with the too much to soon thought. 

Short and sweet tonight. Here is a picture of the brownies.  Enjoy!