Day 271, Eggs are what is for breakfast..

Maybe, maybe not. As I wrote last week my brother in Oregon and his wife sent us a dozen duck eggs. Due to the ducks not paying attention to the order sheet, there was over production.  I made a cheese omelet with two of them Friday morning. Here are my thoughts.. The yolks were huge!  The omelet seemed “yellower” (is that a word that means more yellow?). I ate the omelet. It was not as light and fluffy as a chicken egg omelet. 

I have to admit I am irrationally weirded out by the eggs.  Why? I don’t know. I guess it is a good thing that I don’t live on a farm.  Even though I pretend to live on one. At the bottom of this blog will be pictures of the ducks and their eggs. Are you interested in farm fresh duck eggs shipped to you home? I’m not sending mine. but my brother and his wife would be happy to send some your way. Go here for their website. While I did not immediately find the eggs listed for sale, I’m sure using the contact form will solve your problem.

Tonight was lacrosse night. DS1 came out and played with the old people tonight. Actually the median age is quite younger than it was when we first started. I had mixed success. I did score one goal. I had a shot that the goalie stopped with his feet.  I missed the goal a few times. I caught some, I missed some. I am happy with the way the night went. Last week while walking my shins started hurting. They have not hurt like that since I started running track back in high school. They feel like shin splints. Tonight the left leg really started hurting towards the end. I may take a few days off from walking at work. I did not walk today due to the cool temperatures and the very brisk wind.

My DW was busy at work today. She got her evaluation for the year today. She did quite well. She will find out in April how much the merit raise will be. She went to yoga tonight while I played lacrosse. Tomorrow night we have adult school yoga. That will make three nights in a row doing yoga for her.  DS1 had class today. He is looking forward to finishing up his class. DS3 texted me for a few minutes this afternoon. I guess he was reading in the blog that he had not been communicating with his parents enough.  He took care of that today. Nothing real special or hard-hitting, just a check in.  DS2 (or his friends) continue to post pictures on Facebook from their trip to Baltimore. I will add them to the bottom.

Tonight’s pictures (as advertised) are below. The captions should tell the story.  Enjoy!


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