Day 267, More about ducks than you may want to know..

I got in the mail today a dozen duck eggs from my brother and his wife in Oregon.  No, this is not a common occurrence. For me, eggs are delivered by the milk man on Tuesday mornings, not the mailman on Thursday afternoon.  The eggs had a “19” written on them.  Three days ago I got an email from my brother suggesting that the package he shipped on Monday (3/19) should be put in the refrigerator. Since we don’t usually send each other stuff except on the holidays, this was an odd email. I naturally asked if the package was ticking..

Today I came home and found the package on the coffee table. I was concerned since my guess about his “gift” was that he sent us some snow since they are getting the snow and we are not.  My  DW opened the box and found two magazines and two six packs of eggs. They are quite large, in the chicken world they might be extra-large. I looked at a few of the eggs with the setting sun behind them, kind of candling them. I asked my DW if we were supposed to hatch them.

I sent me brother a few texts, thanking him for the eggs and asking for a little more background.  He called me and we talked for a while and I learned more about ducks than I may have wanted to.  These eggs are from Saxony ducks. These are good ducks to own since they are too fat to fly and keeping them local is an easier project.  My brother and his wife sell the eggs for hatching. I asked, What does that mean?  The short story of it is that people buy eggs from them to hatch Saxony ducks on their property. Since the ducks lay an egg a day and don’t care about orders or backlog of inventory, I got a dozen fresh duck eggs from Oregon in my refrigerator.

You know, reading my horoscope this morning I had not clue this was going to happen.  Friday is a work from home day for me. I will be having duck egg omelets for breakfast. My brother says that the egg whites cn be tough but if you scramble the eggs or make an omelet they should be fine.  He has not purchased many chicken eggs since they got the ducks.

What is really funny to me is that I intended to write about DS2 and his day as a lobbyist in Washington, DC.  Instead, I wrote about  ducks in Oregon.  I hope to be able write about eating duck eggs and/or Music Therapy tomorrow.

Tonight’s picture is of the fire (tonight  in out backyard).  DS1 and I shared a few beers and the fire.  Enjoy.


Nice, not a bonfire