Day 265, Happy Spring!..

Why isn’t the first day of spring a holiday? Here in the USA we celebrate Cinco De Mayo. All that holiday is for selling Mexican beer and Mexican food. They don’t even celebrate it in Mexico. Maybe what we need is one of the national “beverage” companies to sponsor Happy Spring 20XX. Each year they can change the year in the promotion. Outdoor activities would be featured. Maybe drinks with a summer twist could be the focus. Are there any marking majors out there that want to start the next great American holiday?  Don’t forget to mention my name.. Limeguy.

Today, as you may have figured out, was the first day of Spring here in the northern hemisphere. It is an up day for us since we are moving away from the cold of the winter season. I wonder if the people that live in the southern hemisphere are melancholy about the arrival of fall in there world. I certainly am melancholy about the arrival of fall when September comes around.

Work was busy for me today. I like days where I have scheduled work and I can get that work done with the minimum of interruptions. My DW had a better day today. She got home at a decent hour. DS1 worked a slow 4 hour shift delivering pizza. The two college boys were quiet today. I poked DS3 since I had not had any contact since Sunday when I dropped him off. He is busy with classes. He does seem to have time to post “stuff” on Facebook.

I walked my three miles during lunch today at Allaire Park. It is a good thing that I don’t punch a time card. The drive over to the park takes ten minutes. The walk takes 53 minutes and the ride back takes 10 minutes. If you get an hour for lunch, this schedule leaves you short by quite a few minutes. But,it works for me.

Tonight’s pictures come from my walk today. The captions will explain (if an explanation is necessary) what the pictures are of.  Oh, yoga tonight. I could do a second night a week.  Yoga nights are good for me.  Enjoy!




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