Day 264, Happy St. Joseph’s Day..

I just got back from Monday night lacrosse. I had a decent night playing attack. I guess on the plus side is that I got to play for the entire hour, I had six shots on goal, I did not get hurt and my reward is a Heineken to replenish my carbs. On the down side is that I missed the goal on each shot. Some with help (from the defense), some I missed all by myself. I missed the first four or five passes thrown at me. I certainly have to thank my teammates for continuing to throw the ball at me after I missed the first passes. We don’t keep score, so it’s not like one team won or lost. The idea is to get some exercise and hopefully become better lacrosse players. Given that premise, tonight was a success.

Work for me was slow. I found enough to do to keep busy. Tomorrow should be a busier day. My DW worked a full day. The day started off with a few cases and then the tide of add-on cases swamped her department. DS1 had his class this morning. Then he had a job interview in Philadelphia. The job turned out to be a scam, a Ponzi scheme. He will keep looking. DS2 texted that they had turkey, stuffing and the Thanksgiving fixin’s today for dinner. Interesting Monday choice. Maybe that meal was in honor of the Feast of St. Joseph. In his honor we had Zatarain’s Dirty Rice with ground beef and sausage.  We also had shrimp cocktail. The rice and meat will make good leftovers later in the week. DS3, I did not hear from him at all today. I guess he had enough bonding time last week when he was home on spring break.

I did get out and walk my three miles at lunch today. The temperatures were in the low 70’s and sunny. The forecast (this morning) looked to be decent all week. Thursday they are forecasting a day time high in the mid 80’s for Scranton. That is a good way to king off the Spring season.

Tonight’s picture comes from September 2001. Here we are before the Jimmy Buffett concert started in Camden, NJ. This was the last show before 9/11 happened. This is one of my favorite family pictures. A copy hangs on the wall in our home with a ticket from that show. Enjoy!


The family, 2001