Day 263, On the road again..

Can’t wait to get on the road again. Actually, I can wait. Today was my Scranton 400 mini van race. Not really a race, but really a mini van.  DS3’s spring break was over so I had to drive him back to school. On days like this I envy people with 40 mpg cars. The rest of the time I laugh at the tiny under powered excuse for a car they are driving. I would like to update my dinosaur to something that gets 25 to 30 mpg, but not today. The trip was uneventful, which is a good thing on the day after St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure there were some “leftover” people on the road this afternoon.

We left Manahawkin at 7 am sharp. DS3 and I stopped for bagels and headed north in the fog. The entire ride was foggy. I think the worst was either near 117 on the GSP or going through the Delaware Water Gap. In the gap you could not see the PA side of the river. We got to Marywood around 10 am and caught the end of the musical ensemble’s practice for today’s mass. DS2 came over to say hello and I suggested that we talk in the lobby since last time we talked in the church we got in trouble. I can safely say that today we did not get thrown out church. Below you will find a picture of the two boys before mass in the church.

Father Brian said the mass. I have commented in the past how he is such a great fit for the university and the students. He can speak to them (and me) and make the readings and the subject of the day be more real. He did have one really interesting thing to say today. He told us that tomorrow is the Feast of  St. Joseph. Since tomorrow is the Feast of St. Joseph anyone who gave something up for Lent has the “option” of doing , eating, whatever, for the day. Then they need to get back on their Lenten program the next day. I had never heard of us getting a day off during lent for good behavior. See, Father Brian has his finger on the pulse of the university and a plan for us all. My kind of guy.

After we finished mass we went to the Buck Town Diner for lunch.  DS2 had a choice of the dining hall or the diner. He ordered a Cheese Steak Panini without onions. He forgot to tell them to leave the peppers off as well. When he was done eating he had a pile of peppers on his plate. DS3 had a meatball parmigiana sandwich. I tried a bit of a meatball, it was good. I had (and enjoyed) Eggs Benedict. After lunch I gave DS2 his bagels from NJ and sent him on his way. DS3 and I stopped by to see my parents and wish them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Then I dropped him off with a hug and sent him on his way (to his dorm).

I stopped at Northern Lights for a latte for the ride home. Yes, I made sure I parked legally today. I have a frequent shopper card there so today’s large latte, skim milk cost me .38 .  Yep, 38 cents. I liked that. The ride home was uneventful as well. When I got home I planted my 36 (count them) Romaine Lettuce plants. Yes, we like Romaine Lettuce. I thought the plants were in sets of six, not in sets on 9. I would guess with the probability of cold and “odd” weather there will be some attrition in the garden. If not, we will be eating a lot of salads in May and June.

Dinner tonight was a roasted chicken made by my DW. She cut some of the fresh rosemary (stayed outside all winter) and stuffed it under the skin. She put potatoes and carrots and some chicken stock in the pan and cooked until done. It was delicious.

Tonight’s picture as described above was taken before mass this morning. Enjoy!


The boys before mass