Day 261, When are they old enough?..

Friday night here in New Jersey. We had our second consecutive day of April Jersey Shore weather. What that means is that the rest of the world is warm and sunny while we get a nice breeze off the cold ocean. This results in Scranton, PA weather at the shore. Grey, cloudy, damp and cold. Maybe tomorrow the southwest winds will push the cold back out to sea. I would like one more nice day before DS3 heads back to school. I need more lacrosse practice and he is usually a good person to work with.  He is faster than me and I get tired before he does.

But, the question of the day is, When are they old enough? At what age do you stop worrying about your children? Case in point. DS3 took his mothers van up to Brick to see his grandmother while he was home from school. It is a relatively simple 40 minute ride up the GSP. I make this drive four days a week. I asked him to text me when he got there. He gets there and send me a text that says “Dude”. That’s it. That is a standard greeting between the boys and myself. Usually this text is followed by some sort of follow-up text. His was not. I texted asking if he got there. No reply. After three more texts and an unanswered phone call, I called his grandmother’s house phone. He was fine, and now I was also.

DS1 is in Bayonne tonight visiting some high school friends. Tomorrow they are taking the PATH to NYC for the parade. I would guess that there will be some excess going on during the day. He has been admonished to be safe.  Will I spend the entire day tomorrow worrying about him? I hope not. I plan to keep busy. Either working in the garden or painting in the house, depending on the weather. 

Sunday we travel back to Scranton to return DS3 to the University. He has spent the week sleeping until noon time. His first Monday 6:30 am PT will be a rude awakening. Welcome back to college and the ROTC young man. He loaned me the Hunger Games book. I have read the first three chapters and I am not very excited. I will give the book another two chapters or so, then it gets the heave-ho if I don’t like it.  I currently don’t care for the writing style and the subject matter is not yet catching my interest. Must put me in the minority of the population.

Tonight’s picture comes from lunch today. My DW got out of work early so we went to lunch together. Here she is in this artsy black and white picture. Enjoy!


My lunch date