Day 260, Man, I have a million stories..

But not tonight. I have a few more special moments to share. Some of them are planned to be shared, others are just like spontaneous combustion.  I enjoyed last nights story. Looking through the picture archives from 2007 I realised we had a really good year (traveling wise) that year. We went to St. Pete’s Beach in February, Jamaica in June, Vail in late June, college lacrosse in the fall. Numerous football and band competitions. And rec lacrosse for the youngest.  We had a senior prom, high school graduation,redid some of the kitchen and had the youngest start high school. Just looking at the picture collection from that year makes me dizzy.

Back to modern times, things are about the same. Yesterday I walked at  Allaire Park once again. I walked 9 miles this week at lunch. Three miles each day. Today the weather was crappy, so I went to the bank and played wall ball for 20 minutes. I wore the wrong jacket to work this morning. The jacket I wore was too light for the breeze, the grey skies and the temperatures.  Last night it was warm enough that DS3 and I went down to the lacrosse fields to throw around after dinner. We played until it got dark. The local rec teams were practicing so they had the lights on. Without a helmet, I was reluctant to continue throwing and catching once it got dark. My eyes just don’t see as well as they used to. If I had brought my helmet, then what the heck, keep on going.

My DW worked both days. She has wrapped up most of her first college course work. She has to submit the class evaluation next week. It is already written. I guess next week she will see the grade from her second term paper.  She has been sharing her car with DS3 this week.  He got up a few mornings to drive to work with her and then bring the car home. He is then on call to bring her home later in the day. Tomorrow he is going up to Brick to visit his grandmother. We encourage the boys to go and have lunch with their grandmother when they are home on break. I’m sure she enjoys their company.

DS1 had the day off. He had some take home test in his college course to work on today.  DS2 has again been very active on Twitter. He said that they had another day of sun and warmth. As I was writing this I got a call from.. DS2. We talked for about 30 minutes about his fall schedule. He told my DW and I what classes he is interested in for this fall. He had sent an email earlier today that the music therapy students may be going to Norway over spring break 2013.  I imagine it will be cold. My DW asked if the sun would come up or would they be in total darkness that time of year. At this pont, we don’t have a clue. Maybe this means that the Christmas break trip to India is off.

Pictures, pictures. Tonight’s pictures come again from 2007. This was the year that DS1 graduated from high school. He and I went out to Vail, Colorado for a national lacrosse tournament. He played, I was the sherpa.  In these pictures we rented ATV’s and dove up a mountain. We walked the last 1500 feet to the summit. We were at almost 12,000 feet in these pictures. Notice the snow, the date? July 2, 2007. Enjoy!


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