Day 259, How about a story Mister LimeGuy?

Tonight’s blog will be that story. Out of the past (June 2007) comes the story of our 30 hours in Jamaica. We found tickets on Spirit Airlines for .01 each to Kingston, Jamaica (plus tax). The total came to 101.00 with the various fees. My DW and I flew down one day and left the next for a total time spent on the ground of 30 hours. Prior to going we looked on Trip Advisor and posted a question in the travel forums looking for ideas about what to do with our 30 hours to get the most out of our trip. 

 We flew from Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale. In Fort Lauderdale we changed planes. All the plane from Florida to Jamaica needed was chickens flying around the cabin and we would have been in an old movie. The people, their manner of dress, the huge bags of various goods that they were carrying on the plane, priceless! It really was a sight to see. This was way before carry on and luggage fees. After our trip I wrote the following as my review of Kingston, Jamaica for Trip Advisor.

Hotel, stay here! Nice, people are nice, charming remnant of an older time in the Caribbean. Older yes, but nicely fixed up. Not your glass tower and sanitized hallways, the old Caribbean, but cleaner.

Courtyard was nice, did not use the pool. Food at the bar was good, bartenders were attentive and helpful. Room was clean and spacious with a balcony overlooking the courtyard. The boat to Lime Key goes on the half hour (which part of the half hour is the question!). Nice vibe all around.

 The neighborhood outside of the hotel, different story. Johnny B Good suggested a restaurant called Gloria’s. We asked the girl behind the desk where we could get a taxi to Gloria’s, she said it was a 2 min walk to the restaurant. She said go out the gate, make a right, first street make a left, down on the left side, can’t miss it. So, out we went. Main road going into Port Royal was fine, made the left at the first street, looked like a less than desirable neighborhood. The middle of the road was about 200 feet of debris strewn empty lots. On the other side was the working class part of town, not bad or threatening, just not where the tourist board wants you. We walked down the street, stray dogs, kids, people just milling around.

We found the restaurant, ate upstairs with a nice breeze, excellent view of the water and good food. We certainly were the only tourists that Tuesday night. I ordered the lobster, it was not available. The fish of the day was red snapper, I like red snapper, so I ordered it. Choice of stewed, broiled, brown gravy, curried or fried. I like fried fish, ok. What I got was two whole red snappers that had been scaled and deep-fried. Hmmm.. It was damm good! We also had Festival as a side dish. Really, a good dinner. We walked home in the dark sticking to the middle of the road, absolutely no problems, maybe we just imagined them. The next day we asked the girl behind the desk about going to the fort, she said “Walk there??” I told her we walked to Gloria’s the night before, she was appalled. We decided to book a taxi for half a day to take us to the fort and around Kingston.

Lime Key, nice beach. You can take the boat from the hotel right to the island.  Slightly European the day we were there. A few of the young women were topless and just to balance the day out, a few of the young men got changed out of their suits before heading back a little further up the beach from the women. Something for everyone to see! No food during the week, carry in, carry out. If you go to the hotel, save some time for this beach.  

Port Royal, visit the fort. Take the tour. It was really interesting and the guide was informative. She had a few words with the taxi driver for telling us the wrong information during the tour. It was fun to watch. She scolded the driver like a young school child. 

Kingston, taxi ride through, another trip not on the tourist board schedule. We saw the soccer stadium, the Bob Marley statue, “Beverly Hills”, the slums and Bob Marley’s house. This is a must visit in Kingston. 

Back to the airport, flight delayed, got home same day (two hours late). I would do it again, this time I would try to get up in the mountains or visit or stay at Strawberry Fields


I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I enjoyed revisiting the story and the pictures. Oh, the pictures are below!