Day 257, Fresh cheeseburgers with Heinz 57..

Another post that references food. Dinner tonight was cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. As I have posted in the past, this is comfort food 101 for me. This was a favorite meal for our children growing up. The meal is always made better when you have to wait 15 minutes while the butcher grinds up and packages the hamburger meat.  The only other trick is to not over cook the burgers. It is a fine line between juicy and hard as a rock. Tonight I hit the juicy nail right on the head.

In news that was lost due to my parking ticket in Scranton on Friday includes the purchasing of 12 texas wieners from Coney Island Lunch. DS3 and I drove 3 hours home on a Friday in Lent smelling those hot dogs. I will admit, I negotiated a three hail Mary penance for eating the one dog that I had. And it was worth it!. There are still two dogs left. I will find a way to mix them into my lunch menu tomorrow. Maybe I could have two dogs and a cheese burger.. Hmmm. I would have to walk after that lunch.

Speaking of walking, the temperature got up near 70 degrees today. Today is March 12. Usually we have windy and cold this time of year. I took my sandwich and water bottle over to the park and walked three miles during my lunch hour. It was real nice to be outside in the middle of the work day. No computer screen, no phones, no noise.  The warm weather is expected to continue for a few days. I will be out walking again tomorrow, of at least I hope to.

This being a Monday night, I just got back from playing lacrosse. DS3 came with us since he is home from school. We played on opposite teams so we did not have much interaction during the game. I did a much better job catching the ball tonight. I took two shots. One went wide and the other went in. Big man score goal, ug!  I may have a nice bruise to show you in a day or two. The first shot I took I was standing on the crease all alone and I caught the ball. I went to shoot and saw the goalie (who is 70 years old) and I pulled up on the shot as to not hurt him. Then the defender who was supposed to be guarding me crashed into me as I was shooting. He is about a foot shorter than me. One of his knees went into my right calf. I have a lump like half a grapefruit.

That is it for tonight.  Tonight’ s pictures come from December 2006. I found some ridicules airfare deal on Spirit Airlines so I took DS1 and DS3 to Fort Myers for a night. DS2 had a ticket and did not want to go. We flew in, rented a Mustang convertible and headed to the beach. We had dinner by the ocean, slept until the sun came out.We walked the beach stopping at this restaurant for breakfast. After lunch we got back on the plane and flew home.  Enjoy!