Day 254, I almost cut my hair tonight..

What a great song if you are a fan of David Crosby. Or a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan. I understand that some of my readers are probably not old enough to know who David Crosby is. Do a Google search.  Not a life style to be emulated or celebrated but, like Keith Richards, the question is , how are they still alive?  They must either be very lucky or have really good doctors. The song can be found here.   As long time readers, a few of you are probably scratching your heads and saying “Ok, where is he going tonight?”

Here is where I am going. I almost got a new phone today. You could have said the old one (current one,) got in my way. To paraphrase some of that song. A cooler head prevailed after I smacked it against the steering wheel. The steering wheel is padded, maybe that is why the phone survived. I took the back off the phone and pulled the battery and threw the mess in the basket between the seats. I took one breath, and then another, I went back to driving.

How did I get to this point?  Through the magic of the written word, we can go back to earlier in the day when our hero was chugging along, doing his parental duties…  I was driving to Scranton today to pick up DS3, his spring break was about to start. One of my main customers called me on my personal cell (only one of two that have that number) and told me about a problem at one of his stores. He has twenty-five stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts . I started to explain to him how to resolve the problem since I was driving and not working. I figured I would be better off just using DS3’s computer at school and fixing the problem.

I got to Scranton and went to visit my parents. I sang Happy Birthday to my mom since she has a March birthday. Then I went over to the University of Scranton to meet up with DS3. He and I had lunch at school. Since he has unlimited meals he can swipe me in and I can eat for free. I had white pizza, perogies and square fish for lunch. The fish was a skip next time. The pizza and the perogies were good. The perogies were cooked the way we had them growing up. Boiled, then pan-fried with butter and onions. The only thing missing was the sour cream. They were delicious. Both of us had the some.

After lunch, we went downstairs so I could use his laptop to solve my problem while he was in his last class of the day. I could not get the software to run on the network at his school. So I took his laptop over to Northern Lights Espresso Bar and used their wi-fi. I got the problem solved in about 45 minutes and a 7 dollar large latte. After I was done I took all my toys across the street to my van. There on the window was a parking ticket.

Damm, I put money in the meter when I parked. I put enough quarters in to last for two hours. The meter had plenty of time left. I looked at the ticket. parked in a handicapped metered space. Huh? Me? No way. I looked around and I saw no signs. The road was not painted blue. I looked at the meter. The meter was blue. Hmmm. Half the meter was covered with a sign saying NO Parking March 10. Police tow away starting at 4 am of March 10. Tomorrow is the St. Patrick’s Parade in Scranton. This road was part of the parade route. When I looked closer at the meter, it appears that is was a handicapped meter. I could not tell from the meter, the lack of signage, the partially obscured meter. I would not have parked there had I know. The cost of the ticket, 50 dollars.

I got in my car, kind of pissed off. Actually, really pissed off. Then I had to coordinate with DS3 since he was already out of class. I had to go get hot dogs from Coney Island and pick DS3 up.  At this point the phone decided to be stupid. In my frustration about the ticket, the phone not working correctly and sitting in traffic, I smashed the phone against the steering wheel. Then I took the phone apart and breathed..

Am I silly? No. Human, yes. I will call the city on Monday and bitch. I’m sure they don’t care. Just pay the ticket and shut up will be the answer.  If you are ever in Scranton, PA and you park in a metered space, look at the color of the meter, it is important. I guess I got a lesson in colors today.

The drive home was fine. I made crab cakes from scratch for dinner. A couple of beers and I am all right again. I am beat from driving 400 miles today. Tomorrow I will be back to painting. Tonight’s picture comes from May 2009. I rode in the Bike NY, 42 mile bike ride. In this picture it is 6:30 am and we are on the Staten island Ferry heading towards Manhattan. Once we got to Manhattan we got to stand around for almost two hours before the ride started (in the rain)  Enjoy!


Staten Island Ferry, May 2009