Day 252, Wednesday returns..

Wednesday returned again this week just after the departure of Tuesday. I know, big deal. The high point of my day? Good question. I woke up would be the answer if you asked DS2. For me is was leaving work early. Today the weather got into the 60’s here in New Jersey. My plan was to got to lunch at the park and practice wall ball in an attempt to get better coordinated. Instead, I was the garbage man picking up the mess left by one of our installers. What should have been a ten minute call got strung out to almost three hours. And, I have an appointment to spend another three hours with this customer on Monday morning, first thing. 

SInce I worked through my lunch I decided to leave an hour early. I could have taken my lunch hour from 4 pm to 5 pm and then driven home at 5 pm, but what is the point. By going home early I was able to make dinner. My DW told me after dinner that tonight was a agood night for me to come home early and cook. I guess she had a tough day. Dinner was marinated flank steak on the grill and homemade potato pancakes. DS2 really likes potato pancakes so I wanted to make them while he was home on vacation. I peeled the potatoes, he shredded them, I cooked them. We all enjoyed them.

DS2 went guitar shopping down near Atlantic City today. He is doing his due diligence so that next time he asks for a guitar for his birthday or Christmas, he can have an informed opinion about which instrument he wants and more importantly, why. As a parent asking why is one of my more important duties. I will let somethings slide, but I do see the need to challenge their opinions and ideas. It is part of the learning process.

The two other children did their own things. DS1 is working this evening. DS3, not sure, I guess studying for his mid-term exams.

Tonight’s picture comes from 2003 when my DW and I went to New Orleans for a few days. This picture was taken on the St. Charles street car. Her hair was short, mine was less gray, both are still happy! I lost those sunglasses in a rental car in Pittsburgh. I still miss them.


DW and I on the St. Charles street car, New Orleans