Day 251, Setting the record straight..

This morning my DW came in to wake me up at my usual 7 am wake up time. I was fast asleep when she came in the bedroom. She woke me and said that she was sorry to hear that I did not enjoy playing lacrosse last night. I told her that I did enjoy playing, but I could not catch the ball last night. I said that I did not live up to the expectations that I set for myself. Probably unrealistic expectations, but they are mine none the less. I did forget to mention that I had an assist last light. The ball was loose in front of the goal and I scooped and flicked the ball to a team-mate sanding in front of the goal and he caught the ball and scored. For the record, I had fun last night. And in response to my brother, my arms are tired from painting all weekend. With two bad shoulders, the overhead work can be quite painful. But, no more excuses.

My work day started out with the usual coffee from New Orleans and a homemade blueberry muffin. I made muffins last night while we waited for dinner to cook. The blueberries are still coming out of the freezer from when DS3 and I picked 33 lbs back in July. As I enjoyed my coffee and muffin the noise in the adjoining offices started to rise. Not yelling by any stretch of the imagination. Just a few people talking and nobody listening. After about ten minutes of that nonsense, I closed my door and turned Pandora up a little louder.  I heard one of my favorite reggae covers. This cover is by the Easy Star All-Stars. They cover Pink Floyd. Check out this song.  It is a pretty fun collection of songs.

Tonight we went to adult school yoga. We brought DS2 with us because he likes yoga and there are only four people in this session and we hoped the teacher would not mind. She was happy to see us since one of the paid classmates did not show up. Without us she would have only had one student. I enjoyed the hour. Speaking of time, check this song out.

My DW had a busy day. Yesterday they flexed her. Today the call people may have worked from 8 am to 9 pm. Nobody is running that ship. Better scheduling would allow the hospital to make more money by not paying overtime.  Then there is this song.  DS1 worked delivering pizza all day. DS3, I did not hear from today at all. I will reach out to him tomorrow and make sure we are on schedule for Friday 1 pm pick up in Scranton.

Tonight’s picture comer from February 2007 when my DW and I went to St Pete’s Beach for a few days in February. My review of our hotel stay can be found on Trip Advisor. It is an interesting, slighty adult read. Here is the link to that.


DW at St Pete's Beach, Fl



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  1. cmdavitt
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 22:59:24

    Mona sounds like the right name..


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