Day 250, Could not catch a cold..

I am trying not to be the king of excuses tonight. Tonight, being a Monday night, was men’s lacrosse night. As you may remember I have been trying to learn to play attack after being a defender for the last 8 years. I have struggled with catching the ball. If I can catch it, I have a very good chance of scoring a goal, or at least making the goalie work for the save.  I am (as are most of us) my own worst critic. Tonight I could not catch a cold. The last ball thrown at me hit me in the chest. It would not have hit me if I had caught it. My goal for the next week, before playing next Monday night, is to get my oldest son outside on the field and working with me on my fundamentals. A plan has been hatched.

Work from was busy. I walked into work ten minutes early and found five messages on my phone from the weekend. One guy called twice. It astounds me that people would call on the weekend and leave multiple messages asking for help. My answering message tells you that “You have called after our normal business hours. All messages will be returned when we return to work on the next business day” (or something like that). Does that infer, in any way, that I will be checking messages all the time during non-business hours looking for people to help? Yikes! The main message tells the caller how to receive support from the after hours (emergency) support person.

My DW was flexed from work today. She asked to be flexed since she worked the entire day on Saturday and was not able to work on her research paper. She got to spend most of today writing and researching. This paper is due by the stroke on midnight on Sunday night. She appears to be almost half done with the writing portion. Then the dreaded APA formating nonsense will be applied so that she does not get points off for poor formatting.

Tonight’s picture comes from the Royal Warriors Battalion Military Ball. This is another picture that was posted on Facebook. Enjoy!





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  1. cmdavitt
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 23:44:12

    I know same here – multiple messages on the weekend – and on Monday morning
    crazy people


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