Day 249, Expires on Day 252..

Everything in life has an expiration date. When we go food shopping we (I) look at expiration dates when we buy something in bulk. My brother-in-law is a fanatic about expiration dates. He will regularly troll (or when the time is right) make sure that the items in the refrigerator are still in date. When I worked in the fish market we moved from using a normal calendar date to using a Julian date. Ok, confused, I will explain. On the products that we produced, we would put a number, like 123 to signify the date an item was produced. A product produced on Julian date 123 this year would be produced on May 2. 2012. Your HACCP protocols would define how long after the production date that an item would still be saleable. Welcome to the food industry, 2012.

So what is the point of all this? Maybe, just to teach you a little about the food service industry. Wait for it, Flash, now you have forgotten  and all is well in the world. (Don’t get it, see Men In Black, the movie). Ramble on.. Today is Sunday, March 4, 2012. Today I painted more ceilings. I was hoping to ge to lie on my back and paint frescos, but alas, all I got was a roller and an extension. I did have to purchase another 2 gal bucket of paint today. So far I have put two coats of primer on the ceiling of the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, tv room, master bedroom and the bathroom. I have one more bedroom to do. Then I have to do all the edges. Then, if I am really possessed, I will put a final finish coat on the ceilings of all these rooms.

My DW was off from work today. She and I went food shopping and then while I was painting, she went into the cellar to work on school work. DS2 conveniently disappeared for a few hours during the time that we needed to put groceries away. It is nice to see that he has not lost his touch. He went to look at guitars at a local music shop. He has his eye on a few new guitars. We will discuss and research what his is looking at. In May he turns 21 and he might be in line for a new musical instrument, maybe not. Time will tell.

 DS1 went to try out/practice with a post college club lacrosse team in North Jersey. He met up with my brother the weatherman before the practice. DS1 and my brother (and his two kids) had some fun throwing the lacrosse ball around before practice. My brother was doing his Mr. Mom gig today so I’m sure he enjoyed the outdoor distraction.  DS3 texted twice today. Once while I was painting and once later in the day. My DW and I spent about 20 minutes talking to him on the phone. It seems that things are going good at school. I will be driving up this Friday to bring him home for Spring Break. He may be bringing his roommate home for the week as well.

Dinner tonight? Well, the Shop Rite has Snow Crab Clusters on sale this week. We had them for dinner tonight with butter. Yum, Yum and Yum!. We were going to have a Flank Steak until I saw the crab legs. It was a most enjoyable dinner.

Tonight’s picture comes from June 2004. Here is a picture of the family in front of the Barnegat Lighthouse. Enjoy!




Family at Barnegat Lighthouse 2004

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