Day 248, Black or White..

Do you think that Steve Jobs had a preference?  Do you have a preference? Today the second child to make the switch moved from a Droid to the Apple 4 S. Siri has conquered half of the smart phones in our house. My DW does not have a smart phone. DS1 has a Blackberry and I have a Droid 2. We (the family) are slowly sliding over to the dark side of the force. I will continue to resist. Until one day when my Droid has frustrated me for the last time it will get the boot. But not today. DS2 got an Apple 4 S (in white today). He had the Droid X but has lamented for two years not having an iPhone. At the time he made the jump to a smart phone, Verizon was not offering the iPhone. He is very happy with his new toy.

Today My DW was on call and worked from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Wow, what a day for her. The OT is nice, but working the entire day sucks. I worked at home today. I had been taping the walls in preparation of paining the ceilings. Today I put two coats of paint on the kitchen, living room and hallway. In this video you will see the mess that the house was today. Painting is not one of my favorite pastimes. I have admiration and respect for people that paint interiors of houses for a living. Not me (please)!

DS2 was home, DS1 went to the gym and is working tonight. DS3 is in Scranton for another week. His spring break starts when DS2’s break is over. The weather here was nice today. The temperatures were in the 60’s so I had the windows open while I was painting. For dinner we (Me, DW and DS2) went to Makoto Japanese Restaurant for hibachi. The food was good. Tonight DS2 had his birthday at the restaurant. No, today was not really his birthday, but it was an excuse to sing and for him to get some ice cream and a candle.

Tonight’s picture is the first picture taken by the new phone. In this picture I am driving home from Home Depot after getting my painting supplies. Enjoy!