Day 245, Happy Leap Day..

How come they give us an extra day in February? I wouldn’t mind an extra day in June, July or August. Or even in the early fall since the weather is usually nice and the tourist season is mostly over.  I guess the people in the southern hemisphere where it is late summer are enjoying the extra day of summer. Maybe they could share and let us have the extra summer day every other four years. I’d love to see the computer systems in the world be retro-fitted to handle a Leap Day that occurs on a different day every four years.  Good luck.

Today out support business was busy due our software not handling the extra day. Some of our customer use the age verification feature of the cash register program. This feature calculates if some one is old enough to purchase alcohol or tobacco based on their birth date. Somehow the calculations were bad since today was a leap day. Needles to say the phones were ringing off the hook this morning.  Sounds a lot like the Y2K problems. The company programmer had “car trouble” and was not in the building today. I wonder if he did some custom programming on his car. Ouch!

I was steady at work. I avoided the calamity in support. They have enough opinionated people to get the work done and they did not need my two cents. It was brought to my attention that as a salaried employee that I worked for free today. I get paid on the 15 th and the 30 th of the month. 24 paychecks for 52 weeks of work. Each weeks check is slightly more than if we got paid every two weeks.  Since I don’t get paid by the hour, I worked an extra work day this year for the same money. My DW was steady at work.  The children were busy doing their thing.

Tonight’s pictures are ment to put a smile on the face of DS2. He is having a difficult week with mid-terms. These pictures are from his birthday in May, 2003. He had just turned 12 years old. He was really big into Lego’s back then. We still have a huge bin of them. Smile dude and enjoy the ride.




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