Day 244, The return of a friend..

Well, not an actual friend.  Tonight my DW and I went to Adult School yoga for the spring session. The last time I went to yoga was in the middle of December. Going back tonight was like being visited by an old friend. The atmosphere was comfortable and we learned a few new things while we enjoyed each other’s company.  It was a good thing my DW and I signed up for the spring session. Without us they would only have had two students. We doubled the class. I’m sure there is a minimum number of students to offer the class. We were both surprised that some of the regulars from the fall did not return. Tonight I am centered.

Another bright moment for me today was DS3 posting two pictures from the Military Ball. These are the kind of pictures that parents are looking for when they ask you to take some pictures. Hint, hint. I will add the two of them on the bottom. DS2 is in the middle of his mid terms this week. His tweets have been of the “I’ve had enough mid-terms and need a few days off” variety. He will be coming home on Friday. I wonder what I should make him for dinner Friday night? Dude, suggestions are welcome.  DS1 worked tonight then he went to the gym. He called and texted during yoga wondering where his parents escaped to. I guess we forgot to tell him where we were going. Don’t you just hate that?

Work for me was steady today. Tomorrow should be about the same. DW had a frantic day that all of a sudden came to a stop when they ran out of patients. One of the major challenges this year for her is that they changed the computer systems back in January in the hospital. Now all the pre and post procedure charting is done by hand. The old system was all electronic. The handwriting of the charts his added minutes to each patient treated. Not very efficient.

Saturday and Sunday I completed putting the blue painters tape on all the walls in preparation for painting all the ceilings on the first floor. I have a little more spackling to do, then I can put the plastic down and paint myself silly. I can’t wait.  The real issue is that once all the ceilings are done, the walls will look crappy. And we all know how that will turn out. Yep, painting the walls as well. 

And, last night I played lacrosse with the old (and not so old) guys. I missed the first four passes thrown at me. Ug. I did however pick up a pass missed by somebody else and blasted the ball past the goalie for my one goal of the night. Such a roller coaster.

As advertised, tonight’s pictures come from DS3’s Facebook page. Enjoy!


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  1. cmdavitt
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 00:13:11

    I vote for chicken parm…


  2. future
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 09:13:00

    great pics and share!


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