Day 243, Then and now..

Today’s blog will be long on pictures and short on words.  DS3 texted me today looking for some pictures from when he was taking flying lessons. He took flying lessons at the airport across from my job most weeks during the summer months when he was ten years old. He had a really cool, young Marine pilot as his instructor. They would scrounge around the flight school each week to find the extra pillows that he could sit on so that he could see over the dashboard of the plane.  He is writing something for college about that experience and was looking for a few pictures.

I found the pictures in my account where they were uploaded back in 2003.  On this particular day, DS3 and the instructor took me up the Jersey Coast, between the spires of the Verrazano Bridge, up the Hudson to almost the George Washington Bridge where they turned around and flew back to the airport.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you click on a picture they will display larger and in a slide show.