Day 241, A Sports Center Morning..

Not for me or my DW. It was a Sports Center morning for DS1. I guess some history is in order to understand the title. STORY ALERT!   Our oldest son is finishing up his college degree as you probably have figured out from following this blog. He attended Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virgina for four and a half years.  He started for the men’s lacrosse team for all four of those years.  The jury is still out whether this was the right school for him or not. I guess at this point with 20/20 hindsight we should be able to form an opinion. But in the end, the deed is done, so just get on with your life, already.

The trail to playing lacrosse in college took my son and I through most of the states from Maryland to Massachusetts.. He played on a tournament team for two summers. Each weekend from late June until mid August for those two years he and I would be somewhere in the North East. The idea was that he would play in 3 to 5 games a weekend before college coaches in the hopes of being recruited and receiving a scholarship to play at their school. The long and the short of scholarships is that the schools give out more money for good grades than they ever give out for sports. Encourage your children to get good grades. The colleges will chase them.

When we traveled DS1 and I would share a hotel room. We certainly did not have the money to provide each of us with our own room. I would get up and shower, maybe go the lobby for breakfast and he would still be in bed. Looking at the time, knowing when his next game was,  gave me a clue as to when to turn on Sports Center. When I needed him up and out of bed I would put Sports Center on and he would open his eyes and pay attention. Then maybe 15 or 20 minutes later he would get up and shower and the day would start. This was the pattern for those two years. It still is an inside joke between my DW and I.

Last night he worked until 8 pm. He came in after we returned from our date night dinner. He went out with a few of the girls that he graduated with. Our constant admonishment is “Don’t drink and drive!”. We went to bed around 11 and he was not home. For DS1 and his friends, the night had probably just started. I got up at 4:30 and looked out and did not see his truck. I figured that he slept over at a friend’s house. I checked my cell, no text. Not the best sign. At 7:30 this morning I hear him moving around. I looked out, the truck was still not there. Ok, someone drove him home. Around 10 :30 am he got up, got a bottle of water and stumbled into the tv room to watch, Sports Center. I looked at my DW and said “It’s a Sports Center morning”. She just smiled.

That was just a peek into the life of a 23-year-old child. I hope you enjoyed. Today’s pictures comes from DS1’s lacrosse days.  This game was played in the rain, March 28, 2010 against Mercy College in Wheeling Island Stadium, Wheeling, WV. Enjoy