Day 240, Slow start, nice finish..

I guess that each day is different. I really know they are, but some days seem to start out the same and then somehow make that move from hum drum to ok,not  too bad.  Today started out with me waking up at 3:25 am and thinking it was time for my DW to get up for work. She does not need to get up until 5:45. I was talking to her (why? she is not a morning person) when I checked the clock and groaned and told her to go back to sleep. Then I apologised for waking her and rolled back over. Somehow she missed her alarm and got up at 6:30 when I checked the clock again. Crazy night. The night before I kept dreaming different scenarios where I was over sleeping and then compensating for that error.  I bet a shrink would enjoy that conversation.

I worked from home today so my challenge was to get the computer logged into the company network by 8:30 am. No problem. My horoscope said that the day would start with a barrage of questions and phone calls. And I would be missing the hot cup of coffee and the warm greeting. The phone did not ring all day. I made my own coffee and was rather bored  for most of the day. Being bored allowed me to be a good house husband and gets some chores done. This was a good thing since my DW worked another long and crazy day today. I took her out to dinner to help her relax from the week.

Dinner was at the same local restaurant where we ate last week. We saw the same people that bring their own wine glasses with them. We spoke for a few minutes, the subject of the glasses did not come up. I still can’t belive they bring their own wine glasses to the restaurant. I looked up the wine they were drinking, not such a big deal  For us, dinner was great. We enjoyed our dessert and espresso.  We bought a small bottle of Sambuca to add to our espresso. We left the rest of the bottle with the restaurant. We have enjoyed their Sambuca in the past and wanted to return the favor. This restaurant does not have a liquor license. It is BYOB.

DS1 delivered pizza today. He brought me a pie for lunch. I only had tip money so he had to pay for the pie. Having him pay, even the smallest amount, makes me smile. I am sure I will (and am) going to end up on the short end of this transaction. He has several bills from his fall college house rental that keep coming in the mail and he and his old roommates don’t seem to be getting them paid.  I hate being a parent. DS2 decided that today would be the end of his liquid food only Lenten experiment. Tomorrow he will go back to eating food with his teeth.   DS3 wrapped up his week. So far there are no new ladies on the horizon. He is going to “let them come to him”. He has a military ball/dinner tomorrow night at one of the local hotels. He has promised me a picture.

One of the more fun things this evening is that after we got home from dinner we wanted to watch college lacrosse on tv. The game was only on ESPN3, which in our world is an internet only game. We went down to the cellar and watched the game on the HD monitor that DS3 has on his computer. I hooked up my old 19 in monitor to his computer as well.  On one screen we watched the game, on the other we watched and listed to Scott Kirby at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon in Key West. It was a techie moment for sure.

Tonight’s pictures are from various locations. The captions should explain. Most relate back to the blog related above. Enjoy!