Day 239.. Just another sunny day..

The first order of business is to correctly identify the pictures from last night’s blog. They were of the palace of Versailles and the grounds.  DS2 went to France with American Musicians Abroad for three weeks two different summers.  He really enjoyed the experience and often will still tell us some tidbit from the trip.  Maybe he should look into be a chaperone/employee one summer and go back again for free. Dude, it’s just a thought. They have employees just like any other company.

Today is was sunny and warm in New Jersey. I hate to say it because everybody else is saying it but, this is turning into the winter that wasn’t. I hope the trend keeps up. I am already looking out at the garden and itching to get my lettuce in the ground.  The temperature today was in the low 60’s with a brisk wind. I was able to go out during my lunch and play wall ball at a local park where they have handball courts set up. I took some pictures with my phone, looking for an artsy shot. I don’t think I accomplished that. The pictures are on the bottom none the less.

My DW was impossibly busy at work again today. In addition to her usual cast of characters, her unit had two college nursing students earning clinical time by spending the day in her unit. The “kids” did well. They weren’t any real hinderance. They just are encouraged to ask questions. And they did. My DW said they were both college seniors getting ready to graduate in May. I was busy, very busy this morning. I spent the afternoon helping fellow co-workers with their problems. Tomorrow is a work from home Friday. I hope the weather cooperates again.

DS2 has decided to give up solid food for Lent. He has been on a liquid diet for the last two days. He has pledged to reconsider his decision at Day 10. We (the parents) have encouraged him to take a daily multi vitamin and possibly do some research on liquid diets so that he does not get sick. Other than that, go for it. DS3 has been quiet again today. DS1 is working right now. Last night I went to bed and he was not yet home from work. I guess given that pattern, I will see him around noon time tomorrow.

As I mentioned, tonight’ s pictures are from today’s wall ball session. Wall ball is when you throw the lacrosse ball against the wall and catch it (hopefully). The repetition is supposed to help with eye – hand coordination. It also should strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.   Enjoy!