Day 237, Happy Mardi Gras..

Happy Fat Tuesday!  We celebrated at work today by sharing this (see bottom) King Cake.   The cake come with a plastic baby that is to be hidden somewhere in the cake. The tradition is that the person that gets the piece of cake with the baby in it buys the King Cake the next year. The reality is that nobody ever finds the baby. And the same people decide that they enjoy King Cake enough once a year and purchase it to share.

During the day while I was working I had one of my computers showing a live web cam view from The French Quarter. I enjoyed the distraction during times that I was waiting for screens to change or files to upload. This evening my DW and I watched some web cams on the big monitor on DS3’s computer. It was fun to people watch especially when those people are in New Orleans enjoying Mardi Gras. We have already added attending Mardi Gras to one of our empty nest plans. 

DS2 emailed me that his school served Crawfish Alfredo, King Cake and Beignets for dinner tonight.  He added some chocolate milk and was quite proud of his dinner. We had cheeseburgers and french fries. DS1 was working during dinner. He said tonight was a slow night delivering pizza. DS3, emailed looking for a computer cable. Unfortunately for him, the Army hat that he was looking for yesterday had already been shipped out. I will have to bag the wire up and send it out another day.

Last night I played lacrosse with the old men (and lots of 20 something’s). I had a few passes, I caught all of them that were reasonable to catch. I did not score. Oh well, I had a good time. We had just enough guys playing that I was able to stay on the field for the entire hour. What a pig I am. One of the three midfield players (they run the length of the field and back) who is probably 24 years old tried to get me to switch positions with him. I told him there was no way I was going to run from one end of the field to the other and back. He’s younger, let him run!

Tonight’s pictures are of the split screen on DS3’s computer tonight and this morning’s King Cake. We (DW and I) were watching two New Orleans web cams at the same time. People would walk from one camera screen to the other. It was fun. Enjoy!