Day 235, plans not accomplished..

I have a mean procrastination streak in me. I really have to work sometimes to overcome this character flaw. Back in late December I decided that February would be cold and crappy so it would be a good month to get some long overdue painting done in the house. The ceilings especially need some attention. The last time I really painted was the year I was under employed. I was between full-time jobs and had time to do home projects. That was almost ten years ago. We are way overdue.

Yesterday I picked up blue painters tape to start taping the walls off in preparation for painting. Then the fate full “I need you in the cellar” call came and the rest of the day was lost. Today I worked for two hours in the morning. Then we went grocery shopping. After we came home from grocery shopping we sat down on the couch to watch college lacrosse on tv. Four and a half hours later it was dark and time to make dinner. So much for getting the paining project started. I did get the tape, that is a start. A small start.

Dinner was grouper fillet marinated in a mango marinate and then baked in the oven. We had Zatarain’s Spanish Rice, shrimp cocktail and sliced fresh mozzarella. The fish turned out fine. My DW does not like spanish rice, I do. I enjoyed it. The fish is gone, there are rice leftovers for the week.  It was just two for dinner tonight. DS1 slept over at a friend’s house last night and he texted around lunch time that his ex-girlfriend was sick and nobody could take care of her. Both DW and I gave each other that parenting look and said, ok.. be safe. What an interesting relationship they have or do not have.

DS2, I’m not really sure about his day. He tweeted his song of the day. I tweeted back that the song did not have direction. We have been exchanging points of view about this song this evening. His final statement is that “it’s an art song”. Fair enough.  DS3 shared a few text messages. He had four hours of programming homework today. He may have found another thing that does not really interest him. I learned some programming in college. I enjoyed taking my thoughts and having the computer respond to the code I wrote.

Last night we had veal chops on the grill. The chops were presented on the table with a cracked pepper bourbon sauce. I found the recipe on the internet. The sauce was good, I probably should have reduced the wine/bourbon mixture some more before adding the butter. The sauce was good, but we both felt it was missing something. Along with our veal chop we had the French champagne we bought for Valentine’s Day but never enjoyed. We enjoyed it last night. I have discovered that my DW like good champagne. As do I (of course!).

Tonight’s picture is of the 50 + team that I played lacrosse in Florida with this year. Enjoy!


50 + team, Fla Lax 2012 OWU Alumni team

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