Day 233, Sometimes kids do the …

Sometimes kids do the damnedest things. Maybe the short two lines that explain the title don’t require their own title.  Here ‘s the deal. My middle child, known here as DS2 attended bingo on campus tonight. Part of the bingo night was a fund-raiser for Habitat for Humanity.  He Tweeted that he won 50 dollars tonight playing bingo. He further went on to say that he donated 25 dollars of his winnings to the people collecting for Habitat. That makes me proud. He could have done any of a number of things with that money.  Good christian values hard at work.

Today was a work from home Friday for me.  I was not too busy with work stuff.  The sun came out today and the temperature got up to around 53 degrees this afternoon. My DW worked a short day. Two of their doctors are on vacation.  She has started working on the next term paper that is due in March. DS1 was in Philadelphia visiting his friend from high school.  DS3 did his college thing today. I guess since I spoke with him yesterday, I am good to go for another week or so. I get it. All of a sudden I have become my parents asking why the child does not call or visit very often. My answer at that age was that I was busy living my own life. Now the tables are slowly turning.

As empty nesters for the day I took my DW to the dinner for lunch.  For dinner I made short ribs for the first time. I liked them, they may have had too much vinegar in the recipe. I will continue to look at recipes for the next time I make them.  I have started reading the latest Tom Clancy book that I got at COSTCO called Locked On. I will let you know how the book was when I am finished.

Tonight’s picture comes from April 2011 when DS3 (seated) turned 18 years old. DS2 is standing behind him and his mom is on the right. And if you turn around you will see me taking the picture. Kidding..  Enjoy!


Happy 18 th birthday


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. schroederjf
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 16:05:56

    All caught up now! Thanks again for writing everyday. Makes me feel like part of your life.


  2. cmdavitt
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 15:44:06

    She wrote you notes? I got post cards and letters when I went to camp.


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