Day 232, One of life’s lessons

Not learned by me (at least not today). My youngest son and his girlfriend have broken up. When I told my DW she asked “Why?”  I had been talking to him for a few minutes trying to gauge his emotions and state of mind. He sounded fine, unhappy, but resolved to move forward. To my DW’s question I told her that the girlfriend “Had lost that loving feeling”. There may be a hit song in there.  He did provide the flowers and card for Valentine’s Day, but I guess it was too late at that point. From the parent of the person who sent the flowers, breaking up a few days earlier would have saved him some money. I know, always counting the money. Money does not equal happiness, but it can certainly smooth out the rough edges.

Me, I shuffled through the day having second thoughts about volleyball. I can tell myself all the conventional wisdom. Things like your knees hurt because you are getting old, and wait a few days to see how you feel. I woke up around 6:30 am with a huge cramp in my right calf. It hurt all day, off and on.  I will be fine. If the volleyball is going to interfere with the lacrosse, then the volleyball will get the boot. We start yoga (yea!) in two weeks. I am excited to be back to Tuesday night yoga.

My brother the weather man posted a few pictures “behind the scenes” at New York 1 on Facebook today. He has a desk covered with what looks like four computer monitors. The only thing missing from the pictures was a … window. I guess he can always boot up the Time Square web cam for a look outside.  He asked me if I was the only volleyball player to show up with lacrosse gear (helmet, pads and gloves). I thought is was funny. Must be lacrosse player’s humor.

Tonight’s pictures come from July 2006 when DS2 was in Paris with American Musician’s Abroad.  Here they are on a river cruise. Enjoy!


Sunset cruise in Paris