Day 229, Time to run off that prime rib..

It is Monday night here in New Jersey. I just got back from playing lacrosse with the rest of the old men. We had a good group there tonight. We had enough people to play two full teams with 5 subs on each team. I played attack for the entire hour, not coming off the field once. I had three shots. One went in, one just missed and the third shot really missed. I felt a little more confidant tonight after throwing around with my brother on Saturday.  On the really plus side of the evening, I did not get hurt. Not getting hurt is more important than scoring. I have to get up in a few hours and go to work.

Work for me was busy in the morning and the afternoon. The customers that I worked on Sunday afternoon never called me today. That was a real surprise. I was too busy to call them and I figured if they had issues, they would call. I will check in with them tomorrow afternoon if they don’t call first. My DW had a decent day at work. She made stir fry chicken and rice for dinner tonight that was pretty good. DS1 worked in the evening delivering pizza. He said the pizza place was slow tonight. The other two Scranton children, hmmm. DS2 had an ok day in clinical. Monday afternoon he has supervised clinical at a local elder care facility. The building is a short walk from campus. Today, it was a short, cold walk. DS3 has posted some odd things on Facebook. I will have to ask him to explain, or maybe I shouldn’t.

Next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. I need to order my King Cakes tomorrow. I have procrastinated long enough.  We use Haydel’s Bakery in New Orleans. They do a great job. We used to use another company but after they messed the order up three years in a row, they got the heave-ho.  If you have never had a King Cake I would recommend giving it a try. We will have one at work to share with my co-workers. I’m not sure if  my DW wants one for work. I have not asked the Scranton kids either. I guess I will be texting the family in the morning.

Tonight’s picture comes from the Haydel’s website. Enjoy!


King Cake