Day 228, I like prime rib…


There is no doubt about it. I really enjoy a rib roast for dinner on a Sunday night. The only thing that would have improved the meal would have been having the two Scranton boys home for dinner.  I was looking for a prime rib dinner in Florida and did not find the meal I was looking for.  I decided that I would make my own tonight. We usually will save the rib roast for a special occasion, or a Sunday night when the family is all home. I felt the need for beef, and so that is what we had. In addition to the beef the Shop Rite was selling loose fingerling potatoes. Some were the normal color, some were a dark color. When I bought them (the dark ones) I thought they were black or brown. When they were cooked the insides were purple. Pretty interesting. They tasted fine.

I worked this afternoon for five hours from home. I have a customer that is in Connecticut with two stores that needed to be worked on. In Connecticut the liquor stores are closed on Sunday. I probably could have gotten my work done during the week, but doing my work when the store is closed is so much more efficient. I get paid for the extra time, so the money helps as well. This morning we (DW and I) went grocery shopping, as per Sunday usual. It seemed like everybody was in a trance, just stopping in the middle of the isle, starting off into space. Maybe that qualifies as grocery shopping.  We did escape the store but not before almost leaving our extra cloth bags behind. It could have been an airborne zombie gas or something. Brain dead in the grocery store, film at Eleven.

DS2 had a Jazz performance today at school. He is jazz tolerant. He was part of the jazz bands in high school and took his college freshmen year off from jazz. The jazz conductor informed him that he would be part of the group this year. He tweeted that he had one more hour of jazz then he would be finished for the day.  DS3 has a high school student staying with him for the next two nights. He and his roommate are hosts to this student.  I hope they have a good experience (both my son and the high school student.)

I was able to finally resolve my internet issues today. Or, Comcast resolved them for me without telling me. Either way my upload speed has returned. This morning my download speed was 5 megs a sec and my upload speed as 31 k a second.  Something is really wrong with that . 31 k is like the old days when you had a phone modem.

Tonight’s pictures are the pictures that were promised from yesterday. Yesterday we (my brother, his son and I) had fun throwing lacrosse balls around at Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, NJ. Enjoy!


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  1. Christina
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 22:53:11

    Cool pics! DInner sounds good =-


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