Day 226, A room with a view..

Today starts the Valentine’s Weekend for those of us (you) that are so inclined.  Back in November, I bought two Groupons for a massage and a body wrap. We redeemed them today. I have never had a salt body wrap before. It was an interesting experience. Is my skin smoother, yes. Worth the cover charge, hmm, not to me. It was worth the discounted price, not the full price.  The massage was real nice. We did both parts in the same room. A couples body wrap, followed by a shower, followed by a couples massage.  The ladies did a great job. Maybe for some future special occasion we will do this again. It would be wonderful to start each weekend with a massage, but we just can not afford it.

After our massage we went to one of the local BYOB restaurants. Here in New Jersey it is difficult and expensive for restaurants to get a liquor license. As an alternative to having a liquor license, you can bring a bottle or two (whatever) with you and have it to drink with your dinner. Some liquor stores have even partnered with local restaurants to take orders and deliver the bottle to you at the restaurant. As we were eating our delicious Valentines Dinner, we watched another couple gather their things to go home.  We watched as they rinsed out their wine glasses (which did not look like our glasses) and then pack the up in a soft sided carrying case and take them home. Not only did this couple bring their own wine, they brought their own wine glasses. Damm, I have never seen that before.  I want to know what wine they had!

On the family front, I worked from home. I was not too busy. I was able to rough out our taxes today. I did the kid’s taxes last night. I will file them on Monday. My DW worked most of the day. She enjoyed her massage very much this evening. DS1 spent the night at his friend’s place in Philadelphia. He was looking for us this evening. I guess we forgot to tell him our plans. DS2 was back in classes today after being out sick yesterday. He tweeted tonight that he was at a Valentines Day dance. DS3 tossed a few texts my way during the day. Nothing too important.

Saturday the forecast is for some slushy snow. We (DW, Mother In Law and I) are headed to Bloomfield for a memorial service for the mother of one of DW’s childhood friends. I will probably be able to duck out and visit with my brother who lives in the neighborhood. If the weather is not to crappy, we will thow the lacrosse ball around some at the local county park.

Not to beat the point but, can you imagine taking your own wine glasses to a restaurant? Tonight’s picture is of our dessert tonight. We did not share, we each had our own. YUM! 





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