Day 224, Tunes for the looney..

Or in the early English translation, music for the crazy. Have you listened to Pandora yet? I have been listening on and off for about four months. It cost 36 dollars a year for a subscription. I bought one for DS2 since he was using the free version and had used up his 40 hours that month. I tried creating my own channel along the lines of Radio Margaritaville. I failed twice. My latest effort was to take the Springsteen channel and add one Bob Marley and one Jimmy Buffett song.  This has worked ok except for what seems to be a reggae top-heavy song line up. But I enjoy most of it. I know that DS2 has been exposed to lots of music that he never would have encountered listening to his Pandora channels.

It snowed here this evening. The snow started around 4 pm in South Jersey. There is about a .25 of an inch (Dude, how many cm’s is that?) on the back porch. The roads are wet, the front yard has slightly less accumulation. The ride home was ok which is hard to belive with anything falling out of the sky. I’m sure the payback commute is coming up soon.  I will post a few pictures of the snow at the bottom.  This silly amount of snow would have gone unnoticed last year with all the snow that fell last winter. This year snow has been hard to come by. And that is how I like it. Snow belongs on the tv while I am wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Family doings for this day are not much. Me, I was busy in the morning and mid afternoon. The late afternoon was quiet. My DW had hospital cases in the morning, in the afternoon she attended her hospital committee meeting. Employees are encouraged to be on various committees, This one meets every two weeks for about four hours on Wednesdays. She gets paid to attended and has work on a day when often times she would be flexed.  After dinner she worked on her homework. DS1 worked this evening. DS2 tweeted that he had a busy day today. He texted later that he was not feeling good and might be taking a few classes off tomorrow. I suggested student health or speaking with his mom, the nurse. DS3 had a great day yesterday with his girlfriend according to his Facebook post. I sent him a link to a company that makes cases for the iPhone. In the video they put a protective case on an iPhone and use it like a hockey puck. Pretty crazy stuff.

On the upside of life, yoga starts on February 28.  I can’t wait, it has been too long between classes for me. Tonight’s pictures are of the snow falling at my office and the snow on the back deck. Enjoy!