Day 223, At a loss for a title


Town line

It is Tuesday night here in New Jersey. The 10 pm news major headline was the parade in NYC for the Giants since they won the Super Bowl on Sunday. Did you go to the parade? I did not. I had to work.  Work was busy for me in the morning, the afternoon dragged. I have started setting up a big week of upgrades for next week. Most people are either away on vacation or not interested in talking to me this week. That is pretty normal in our industry this time of year. The holidays are over, the store owners did well during the holidays, so they go south or west for a few weeks of sun. Some ski, some fish, none are available.

My DW was off today. She got some of her homework done for her class.  She is getting better at organizing her thoughts and getting them onto the computer so that they can be uploaded to school. This week she has to post something on the discussion boards and then comment on what the other people have posted. Her next paper is due in March. That reading has already started.  DS1 worked most of the day delivering pizzas. He brought home a calzone for his dinner. Working there he won’t get rich, but he will alway have something to eat.  DS2 had a history test today. I know he did well. He likes history.  That would be the product of watching the history channel while growing up.
DS3 had 6:30 am PT followed by a 8 am Math class. He rarely has time to either eat or shower between them. I’m glad I don’t sit next to him in Math class. Other than that he had no contact today. I was thinking about going for a walk at lunch time today but it was cold. Not really cold, it was 48 degrees. I decided not to and took a nap in the sunshine instead. Well, both ideas are good for you!
Tonight’s picture is a metaphor for the drawbridge of life. Will you get out of your car while the bridge is up or will you wait patiently inside your car?  How do you feel about the person that gets out of their car instead of waiting inside their car? (DS2 – There is no right answer)  Enjoy! 

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