Day 222, Horoscope said to break the old habits..

Really, my always unreliable horoscope said that I should break the old habits and do new and different things. This is the same horoscope that promises world peace and a cheaper cell phone bill.  But, in retrospect, I seem to have been writing about the very same topic for the last few weeks. Doing things differently, going left instead of right, praying at a different time of day.  Maybe I have finally made it to the wave length of my horoscope writer. I hope not, that is as close to b.s. heaven as you can get. Other than meteorologists, the people that write horoscopes are the only other job where you are expected to be wrong most of the time.

Tonight I played lacrosse with the adult league in Robbinsville. Two of the guys we play with are volunteer coaches for the Rider College men’s club lacrosse team. They brought their team tonight to play against us old guys. It was fun. The kids are not the best, but they gave all that they had. I missed two passes tonight. I haven’t played attack in three weeks (excuse time) and misjudged the ball. I will say 10 Hail Marys and practice harder this week. I had fun and did not get hurt.

My DW worked today. Tomorrow she is flexed since there are no cases. She will be working on her school work and other chores. She got to go to yoga tonight. I hope she had fun, she was asleep when I got home from lacrosse. DS1 worked tonight so he could not come play lacrosse with us. I will get him out a few times this week throwing the ball at me so I can get my eye – hand coordination working again.  The other two children were mostly quiet. DS2 sent the song of the day via Twitter. It was strange (as most of his are). It was called Every Lion is a King. It is a parody on the Lion King. You Tube search it if you’re curious.

Tonight’s picture is from the Monday after the tournament in Florida. This is my “confidant” look.  Enjoy!


Me - Pompano Beach, Fl January 2012

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  1. Christina
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 09:20:29

    oh yes, that is a great picture. SO what habits did you change? Going back to attack?


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