Day 221, What time zone is your God in?

Politics and religion, two subjects to be avoided in polite company. Two subjects never to be argued with a drunk or crazy person.  You also might consider the phase of the moon (as in a full moon) before bring up these subjects.  So I asked the question, “What time zone is your God in?” of my middle child today. He is the one with the philosophy minor in college. His answer was that his God was a metaphysical being that existed in all time zones.  And his God does not have the physical limitations of needing sleep.

Ah, that gets to the real reason why I asked him (and you) this question. Do you say prayers at night before you go to sleep?  I do. It is a habit ingrained into me as a child going to Catholic school for the first four years.  I pray for my family. Sometimes when I waste a few dollars on a lottery ticket, I will pray that I win. So far that has not worked out well for me.  Today I was in Scranton to visit my two younger children. Part of visit was attending mass where DS2 played his trumpet. During the homily the priest was telling us to “tell Jesus” our problems. He went through some serious and some humorous examples.

At night when I am saying my prayers, maybe my God has already gone to sleep. He probably needs a break from the constant chatter from us. He may be in a time zone east of New Jersey and he has already gone to bed.  Maybe I should pray in the morning or the evening. I really don’t know. This discussion is certainly “tongue in cheek”, but I am open to finding a more direct connection.  It seems that some religions pray several times a day.  They would be covering multiple time zones that way.

As for my trip, it went well. There were some minor hiccups thought. When I first got to Marywood I went into the chapel to see my son. He was finishing up his part of the practice for mass. He came over and we hugged and then went to the back of the chapel. I expected him to say a quick hello then go back up and practice some more. He was done practicing and in a chatty mood so we were talking (I thought quietly) when the priest came over and asked us to have our conversation in the hallway. He said that people were trying to pray. Oops, thrown out of church. We did go out in the hallway where I asked my son why people came early to church to pray. Can’t they pray at home, I asked?  He replied that people came to church to pray to be closer to the source.  Food for thought.

After mass we went to the U (University of Scranton) to eat lunch with DS3. He swiped both of us in using his meal card. Beats spending money for brunch. DS3 is doing well. He looks healthy and likes his teachers and classes this semester. We met his girlfriend (same one as last semester). She seem genuinely happy to see me and DS2. After lunch I left DS3 at school with his goody bag (things that he forgot when I went back plus two bagel sandwiches) and we headed back to Marywood.

We made a few stops on the way. If you are a faithful reader you will recognize most of these stops since we go to a lot of the same places. We stopped at Northern Lights for a latte. Then we went up the hill to see my parents. Then across the valley to go food shopping and finally back to Marywood. I parked in a No Parking zone behind his dorm and helped carry his things in. When I came out the campus security was ticketing another car parked next to mine. I got in my car and drove away.  I dodged that  bullet.

My DW was called into work again today. She went there, did her case and left. Then the doctor called her back for another or two cases.  She submitted her first college paper today. Tonight we watched the Giants win the Super Bowl. As Giants fans, this was a very exciting game. As a person that dislikes the Patriots, this was a doubly exciting game.

Tonight’s two pictures come from my travels. The captions will explain them. Enjoy!


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