Day 220, A vist to the eye doctor..

Wow, is that an interesting title or what? Probably not. The visit to the eye doctor was for me today. I wear contacts and the eye doctor/contact lens conspiracy dictates that you need to visit the eye doctor each year.  I only buy a years worth of lens at a time. After a year, the prescription expires and you start again. They surely have their justifiable medical reasons to see you each year. I just feel like a rat in a maze without any choice. Oh, I do have a choice, really two choices. The first to stop wearing contacts and wear glasses. Then I would go see the eye doctor when my vision changed and I can not see things anymore. The second choice is buying two years or more of lens at a time and skipping the eye doctor until the lens run out.

None the less, I went, and sat for 45 minutes after my appointment time waiting to be seen. My eyes are fine. The left eye has weakened slightly. The right is fine. They dilated my eyes to check my retinas after the problems my son has had over the last six months.  I am fine. Pay the man, don’t let the door hit you in the backside. I spent the afternoon with my cheater glasses on reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I liked the book. My only complaint is that the names are all swedish as are the places and money is swedish as well. If the book was less Sweden specific it might have been an easier read. Should you read it? Yes, I am the Lime Guy and I recommend this book. Maybe I have seen too many political commercials.

My DW worked one case at the hospital today. She continues on call all weekend. She came home from work, had some lunch and headed to the cellar to work on her paper. I helped her with a few things (layout and formatting stuff). She has pronounced the paper complete. She will submit it tomorrow morning after she has had a night to sleep on it and read it one more time. I am heading to Scranton tomorrow for a brief visit. DS3 left a few things home when he went back. I will have a few hours to talk with both boys tomorrow. I plan to be on the road and home well before the start of the game.

Tonight’s picture comes from Florida. In this picture I am dressed and waiting for the next lacrosse game to start. Enjoy!


Time to play