Day 219, I went to the library..

Really, I went to the library today. I had not been to the library since I stopped working in Philadelphia on January 20, 2002.  Prior to that date I drove 120 miles a day commuting and listened to book on tape during my drive. I may have been there once or twice (not that I remember) with the kids since then. I went today to retrieve a book that my DW needs to help with her college paper. She needs to submit her paper in APA 6 format. For us old people, that might as well be Chinese.

Today my DW (who is on call as well this week) worked an 11 hour day. Yikes! That makes two 11 hour days this week. We went out for dinner when she got home. Our oldest got off work at the same time and joined us at the restaurant.  We shared some wings and some beer. We all laughed and enjoyed the evening. He has gone back out with a friend (who is driving). We (DW and I) are headed to bed.

I worked from home. Not much excitement there. I was able to schedule some work for the early part of next week. Tonight’s picture comes from Thursday’s kayaking in Key Largo, Enjoy!


Sunset, January 2012 Key Largo, FL



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  1. Christina
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 11:30:24



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